Tim Robertson
Director de Robertson Wine Tours

Tim nació en el Reino Unido y es de origen escocés.

Tim se introdujo a los vinos finos en 1988 mientras trabajaba para Sakagura Wine and Liquor, que forma parte del Grupo Intercontinental de Hong Kong.


Tim fue el responsable de la venta de su colección de vinos de calidad de Bordeaux y otros vinos del Nuevo Mundo, probablemente la mejor colección en Asia en ese momento. Nunca del todo se recuperó de degustar lo mejor a la tierna edad de 18 años. Sin embargo, completó sus estudios en Economía.


No podía encontrar un adecuado y bien pagado empleo en el sector del vino en Londres, por lo que se ha embarcado en una carrera en finanzas. Él mantuvo su amor por el vino durante su carrera en la City de Londres, trabajando para Fidelity Investments, Schroders y Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB), centrándose principalmente en los mercados emergentes y de América Latina en la gestión del riesgo y las ventas de renta fija. Él dejó las finanzas en 1998 para concentrarse en la búsqueda de un nuevo proyecto que involucrase a su amor - el VINO.


Entre un viaje y otro, su primer intento fue la importación de vinos franceses en México con poco éxito, ya que el paladar y la comida mexicana no son adecuados para los vinos finos en cantidades significativas. Sin embargo, cuando llegó a la Argentina en 2002 y comenzó a trabajar con algunas bodegas boutique en el Reino Unido, teniendo en cuenta los márgenes de ganancia decidió cerrar la exportación de vinos y crear Robertson Wine Tours (TAR) en 2003. Estudió el vino de Chile, Argentina y Uruguay, haciendo viajes incluso en Bolivia y Brasil. RWT decidió desde el principio especializarse en un turismo del vino de lujo apuntando a clientes que tienen o desean mejorar su conocimiento de los vinos.


La compañía creció orgánicamente a lo largo de los años y a pesar de los esfuerzos por estar involucrado en la exportación de vinos optó por la fórmula de ofrecer a sus clientes lo mejor que estos países tienen para ofrecer. Los clientes de RWT con razón exigen lo mejor, puesto que en la mayoría de los casos se trata de personas que han viajado mucho y generalmente tienen un buen conocimiento del vino.


RWT ha sido capaz de crear y ejecutar más de 100 tours de vino de diferentes características y naturaleza: desde una breve reseña de los vinos chilenos a una búsqueda minuciosa de dos semanas de investigación con profesores en Davis, California. RWT también tuvo el placer de hospedar a la International Wine and Food Society (Chicago Branch) en febrero de 2011.


RWT conoce y ama el vino. Los fabricantes y los propietarios de las bodegas nos conocen bien. América del Sur tiene un largo camino por recorrer en el desarrollo de sus vinos, pero tiene la tierra, un maravilloso clima y el interés por parte de extranjeros para mantener el impulso y seguir adelante con sus vinos. Es interesante notar que las nuevas generaciones de conocidos productores de vino del viejo mundo se encuentran en Argentina y Chile para desarrollar sus propias marcas y experimentar nuevos niveles de independencia y creatividad. En América del Sur, estos productores jóvenes y dinámicos de vino pueden mostrarse y expresarse en sus vinos, cosa difícil de hacer en el viejo mundo: la innovación y el espíritu juvenil hacen que algunos vinos sean muy interesantes.


Robertson Wine Tours sólo ofrece viajes all inclusive, pre-pagados al 100%, pero absolutamente en línea con las exigencias de cada cliente. RWT no mezcla grupos de personas y no propone fechas fijas para la realización de los tours. Cada recorrido está diseñado a medida y es único.

A continuación se muestra una selección de algunos de nuestros testimonios.





"We feel very fortunate to have located Robertson Wine Tours for our trip to Chile. From beginning to end, Tim was always very responsive and attentive and our guide and driver were extremely professional, knowledgeable and cheerful. We feel that we could never have done such a tour on our own and the team came up with a wonderful variety of wineries and experiences. We felt that we learned so much about the process of making wines, the wine regions of Chile and about the wonderful people of Chile. Tim, Karen and Victor, thank you for a memorable trip!".


TX USA / March 2012




"Tim Robertson is the consummate wine expert and tour operator. We were seeking an incredible sightseeing / wine touring experience in South America and that is exactly what we received. This was not basic wine 101 (which he also arranges) but rather advanced vino505 for the wine connoisseur. In Mendoza for Vendimia (for which Tim secured us tickets) whether through good timing or happenstance, we met winery owners an winemakers during this wine harvest festival week. Tim’s chosen guides personalize the journey- from Airport pick up, drop off and check in to full knowledge of their respective city's, sites wineries and restaurants. We were so well attended on this private, detail orientated itinerary. Thanks for such a voyage of Discovery. Salud!"



TUCSON AZ USA / March 2012




"Just a note to thank you for making our trip memorable..We didnt know what to expect and found that you and your team made our trip much more enjoyable and relaxing then we thought..Every tour guide was experienced, knowledgeable and very professional. The wine facilities were first class..we never worried about a thing..that was a real treat given how many places we visited. I was particulalry impressed when you were able to work with us on the very last minute change and it was as if we planned it all along!!! Great Job and I would recommend you to all of our friends!!!"


PA USA / Feb 2012




“We were very fortunate to settle on Tim Robertson of Robertson Wine Tours. He did an exceptional job of putting together our trip that exceeded all our expectations and, even though he was out of the country at the time of our trip, he made an effort to keep in touch with us via email, making sure everything was going according to plan. I thank both Tim and Lorena for making our trip very special.”


USA / January 2009




“I wholeheartedly recommend Robertson Wine Tours for any touring you might consider or recommend to other friends and clients for getting first rate visits and introductions to the wines of Chile & Argentina. Thank you so much for all your kindness and efforts to assure us a wonderful and unforgettable trip. It truly was a great experience for all of us. I hope we can see you some time in Napa if you will visit our area in the future. I will be pleased to provide a reference / testimonial for you and your services to friends and any of your potential clients as well.”


USA / March 2006



“Robertson Wine Tours provides an experience that is as close to perfect as any human can get. Attention to every detail, timing and selection of sites to visit, all done with care and kindness. We have travelled in many parts of this planet during the past several decades, and never, have we had such a delightful, delicious, relaxing and insightful experience. This is a rare time when the phrase, "above and beyond the call of duty" is absolutely true! Gratitude in large measure to Tim and all who guided, drove, and helped in all ways."


Davis, Ca. USA /FEB 2012




"We enjoyed an once-in-a-lifetime wine touring experience with Robertson Wine Tours. Tim architected a great itinerary of world-class accommodations, unparalleled private wine tastings and exceptional restaurant bookings. And he added numerous small personalized touches such as a private wine tasting, a hilarious hands on cooking class with an amazing chef and a two hour tasting in the cellars of one of the most famous winemakers in Argentina. If you want to learn about and experience South American wines, Robertson Wine Tours is absolutely the way to go."


California - USA / March 2009




"Tim Thanks so much for everything. I don't remember a single part of the package that you didn't manage to get absolutely spot on, well worth the money. The wines in Chile, wow, just amazing. I think I was most blown away by the whites that I tried, Mendoza, though, you were totally spoiling me … and I loved every minute of it. I can say right now, that my taste buds and olfactory functions have never been so alive. I've never seen so much depth in wine (or food, for that matter) in my life."


UK / November 2010





"What can I say ... thank you, and your team, for a wonderful wine experience in Chile and Argentina. It surpassed all of our dreams. Your staff were very knowledgeable, reliable, and courteous, the wineries visited were fantastic - a very varied selection in terms of size, technology, and the wines they produced - including the bio-diverse vineyard. In an age where time and holidays are such precious items it was tremendous to be able to utilise your vast knowledge and experience in putting together a superb itinerary that was executed without fault and delivered with style and unquestionable service by your team."


London UK / Jan 2012



“Our trip to Chile and Argentina was perfect. Your drivers were professional, friendly and had good language skills. It is apparent that you have many good contacts in the South American wine world. Your attention to detail and personalized service truly exceeded expectations. Meeting us personally at the airport from post-tour activities, dining with us in BA, putting us on all the planes. Truly a first class trip and I would recommend you to anyone.”


Texas - USA / May 2010



“First and foremost, I thought the tour was terrific, really perfect. I have no complaints! It was so great to have everything planned for us – fabulous restaurants and eating venues, unusual and interesting wineries, drivers and vans at the ready, great guides.”


USA / March 2011




"Tim, Over all I feel that you listened to what we were interested in and provided a great service. The Ritz and the Lapostolle were fabulous accommodations. I certainly would recommend you highly and were very pleased with the tour. I would be happy to give a testimonial."


Scottsdale, Az. USA / FEB 2012




“Touring the wineries of the Salta Region of Argentina and in Uruguay with Tim Robertson, Director of Robertson Wine Tours, was a marvelous experience. Tim's attention to details as well as his concern for the personal needs of his clients gave us a wonderfully customized tour. His experienced palate and exceptional rapport with the top winemakers in each region made for an excellent journey. The high quality of the wines was a revelation and the warmth of the winemaking families further enhanced the experience.”


Davis California - USA / September 2009




“My tour in Uruguay and Argentina was most memorable maybe because Tim was my personal guide, but also because of the hospitality at each winery. I traveled alone on this trip and it was one of my favorite vacations to date. I would hire Robertson Wine Tours again and highly recommend his services.


New York - USA / February 2009




"Hey Tim, everything was great. The whole trip has been outstanding. The only thing wrong is that its been too short-- I'll definitely have to come back."


Middle East / May 2010





“An exceptional food, wine and travel experience with Robertson Tours. Superb arrangements for private vineyard visits and tastings; meaningful wine learning opportunities; imaginative lunches and dinners set in unique locations; fine hotels; and personalized service all along the way.”


USA / March 2011




Great work Robertson Wine Tours, thoroughly comprehensive tour of the Argentina’s wine routes. First class choices and memorable wines. The guided tasting with Eduardo at Carlos Pulenta was truly unforgettable.


Canada / March 2008




As feedback/ a testimonial, feel free to use anything i've already written and also, that Mum and I had the most fantastic time in Chile with Karen and Hugo, both of whom were beyond helpful and both fountains of knowledge. Every whim really was catered for and the experiences we received at the vineyards were clearly over and above what we could normally expect. The wines, and the wine regions, were amazing, and clearly a huge amount of thought had gone into planning our week - it ran like clockwork and the way was continuously smoothed for us! We felt very special and will never forget this trip, we fell in love with Chile and wished Karen and Hugo would come home with us! Tim, you obviously put in a lot of effort to make the trip such a success and we sincerely thank you for it.


Australia / June 2011




“I felt each place we visited, each hotel and each day were well planned. We saw a lot in a short time. The hotels chosen were nice and all the restaurants were very good.”


Florida - USA / March 2011





My wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in Uruguay. The Robertson wines tours portion were the highlight of the trip. We especially enjoyed the private meals with the wine makers and their families at the various wineries. We saw a part of Uruguay that few visitors are privileged to enjoy. I highly recommend the tours.


Fairfield Ct. USA/Feb 2012




“We had the most wonderful time so it is all-good!! We are probably going to Italy next year so would appreciate your advice on where to go in relation to vineyards - so will be in touch re this. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2009.”


New South Sales - Australia / December 2008


“I contacted Tim Robertson to organize some tastings of Argentine wines while in Buenos Aires.
They have seriously knowledgeable tour guides for sightseeing and the three tastings they arranged for me at different venues were superb. Great service, totally reliable and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend their service enough!”


UK / June 2009




“Tim put together an outstanding itinerary for our 17-day trip though Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.Blending his local knowledge of city attractions, hotels and restaurants with his extensive knowledge of the bodegas and their wines, our trip exceeded all expectations.”


Toronto - Canada / June 2010




"Everything with our stay went amazingly. Chile is a special place. Thank you so much for your help."


Colorado USA / March 2010




“The International Wine & Food Society of Chicago chose Robertson Wine Tours to serve as director for our nine-day tour of the finest wineries in Chile and Argentina. Tim Robertson could not have been more accommodating in helping us design the tour from the start. Moreover, his professionalism and his knowledge of wines were exemplary, and his personal contacts gave us the access we were seeking to the best wineries in the countries we visited. We unhesitatingly would recommend Tim and his staff for anyone considering such a tour in the future.”


Committee Member
Chicago - USA / March 2011




“Yes, overall we were very impressed and would certainly recommend you to anyone. Good pace, the choice of wineries was very good and everything flowed very well. If any of your prospective clients would like to talk to us, we would be more than willing to answer any questions they may have.”


USA / January 2010




“Robertson Wine Tours has given our group an outstanding experience with the wines, wineries, and wine makers of Chile and Argentina, as well as a splendid introduction to the people, culture and landscape of those countries. Tim's skill at smoothly handling complex and varying arrangements for members of our group gave us great flexibility, comfort and confidence.”


USA / April 2011




“Hi Tim. Karen is the best! I had a fantastic time with her. She made me feel really welcome in Chile by taking me out and introducing me to people, and I now have a nice little wine network thanks to Karen. Thanks so much for setting me up with her. I hope to be able to tour with her again in the future. Of course you can use this for a testimonial and I would be happy to recommend you on LinkedIn as well.”


USA / 21 January 2010




Mr. Robertson prepared an all-inclusive itinerary of Chile and Argentina, which was both thorough and professional. I would recommend Mr. Robertson and his company’s services without hesitation and wish you a very pleasant trip.


Varese Italy / June 2008




"Hi Tim, everything is going great, thanks again for arranging! Dinner was fantastic as well... What a unique place to stay, great recommendation. And all around, great tour."


NY - USA / Dec 2011




“Tim helped us with so much more than just the wonderful tours of Mendoza Bodegas. As our interests are wide ranging, he was also able to line us up with a tour of artists’ homes and workshops that was the best ever, and horseback riding in the Uco Valley foothills of the Andes. What a wonderful trip!”


Texas - USA / September 2009




I found Tim Robertson and his staff to be extremely efficient. They provided me with all my travel needs whilst I was in Argentina. I loved my trip to Salta and the wineries. Well recomended. I encourage everyone to drink Argentinian Wine, but so far the French are having none of it!


United Kingdom / July 2006




“Tim, Terry Wilkey here. Robin and I loved the job you did for us in April in BA and Montevideo.
We will be back. Now we are going to Capetown this week 6/22. We want to know if you have any knowledge of wineries or wine tours there. Chow. Terry”


USA / June 2011




“Excellent accommodations, premier venues and knowledgeable guides, all made for a wonderful wine experience in Chile and Argentina with Robertson Wine Tours. It truly was like having a friend in the industry.”


Naples Florida - USA / April 2011




Dear Robertson wine tours Team
My Wife and James and I would like to offer our sincere thanks for such a well thought out and executed tour.
Effortless travelling was what we wanted and we felt you exceeded our expectations. Wine Wise which country did we prefer? we are torn, with James and and Janet being with Argentina and I fall into the Chilean camp.
I wish you all much luck in the future for your plans to expand to Italy and keep us in touch when you are set to go there. Kind regards


Mr & Mrs H. BLUNT
Wilts. UK Oct / 2011