Why choose Robertson Wine Tours
The reason for choosing us is very simple: we know what is expected from demanding and exacting European and American standards of service and quality. Once we know your preferences and have a real understanding of the trip you want, then we design the trip exactly the way you want it.

For us the pursuit of really meaningful travel means getting under the skin of city or the country as quickly as you can. We are here to ensure that happens. Robertson Wine Tours have decided to move away from a large tour service provider and instead offer a completely unique touring service. The ethos is simple: to give you a once in a lifetime trip with wines and foods that you will never forget.
We are primarily focused on wine regions but often our clients want to combine their wine touring with other attractions. South America is an enormous continent: Argentina is huge as Chile is long as is Uruguay small. Bolivia is an impoverished country, but with gentle and kind people. Brazil is the sleeping giant that has a long way to go before it can say it is producing international fine wines.

Our clients give us a general idea of where they want to visit and how many days. We send them some ideas and then through communication we work to design a tour for each client.
If you do not fill in our tour personalization form, we cannot give you access to our extensive list of itineraries.

Robertson Wine Tour Objectives
Most of all we want is you to have an amazing and unforgettable trip and to have shared with you the insights and things we love: food, wine and great company in world class settings. South American Wine Regions contain many different unique climatic and topographic conditions: we will explain the diversity and style of each country wines. Tasting techniques, sensorial and vertical tastings all lend a hand, but drinking the wines is the main event.
Our objective is for you to taste the most interesting wines and gain a great understanding of the regions you visit in the time you have available.



Wine Tours Highlights
Here we give you a very quick overview of the areas you may want to visit while you travel to our regions. The choice is endless needless to say. Most of our South American Wine Tours begin in Buenos Aires and finish in Santiago or vice versa.


Mendoza / Uco
The capital of the province of the same name is found 1.200 KMS (750 miles) west of Buenos Aires at the foot of the Andes. Mendoza is home to 70% of Argentina’s fine wine vineyards. Mendoza is the perfect place to be based while we take you on your journey in wine. Also the surrounding areas offer a host of different touring opportunities. Uco Valley is just 70 KMS south, which is commonly referred to as the Tunuyan Region.
Major worldwide investments have brought expertise and famous names to Uco. 

Salta, Jujuy & Patagonia (Argentina)
This mountainous region of the north in the Andean Foothills has truly spectacular scenery, driving through the Calchaquies Valleys and the Humahuaca Canyon which are just a few unmissable highlights, Cachi and Purmamarca included. Outstanding wines are coming from Cafayate and the surrounding areas. Patagonia 2.000 KMS to the south is producing some very interesting merlots and pinots amongst others. Now that the vines have had 7-15 years to adapt and mature, there are serious wines to try.



The wines of Chile are technically incredible. A wine tour in Chile needs minimum 3 days with 6 to 7 days being ideal and relaxing. Chilean Wine Tours can take in the winemaking valleys such as: Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Colchagua and Cachapoal Valley. We feel visiting Chile is as important as visiting Mendoza, also only one hours flight away from each other.

We have some fantastic wines, which we can introduce you. A wine tour in Uruguay should range from 2-5 nights to do it any justice. We can show you the wines of Uruguay in BA by presenting them at a tasting if time does not allow you to visit. Robertson Wine Tours is a Uruguayan company and we have lived in Uruguay for over 3 years.

Brazil / Bolivia
Vale dos Vinhedos is perhaps the most interesting of the areas in Serra Gaúcha from a wine tourism perspective. Centred on Bento Gonçalves there are over 25 interesting wineries offering touristic options. Bolivia, a wine destination? Why not when you realize how close Bolivia’s major wine region Tarija is to Salta in Argentina? Just 230 miles: things start to make a little sense.



Culinary Tours
With the love of wine invariably comes a passion for food and not just eating. Many of our clients tend to combine a wine tour of South America with opportunities to learn about the exciting cuisine of our regions.
We enjoy great relationships with numerous chefs and restaurants. Cooking classes can be short and informative lessons or we can really delve very deep into the cooking techniques and recipes that will give you a complete overview of the cuisines of this vast region. Argentina is famous for its beef and Chile for its seafood, but there is so much more to it than this.

Golf / Fishing / Cycling / Walking / Hiking
Access to numerous golf courses. The fishing season is generally from September to May, certain areas are more temporal than others. All methods of fishing are practiced, but fly-casting has become much more of the norm.
Biking can range from leisurely rides in the vineyards to the more serious and involved. Walking or hiking even horse riding are all on offer in all the regions.

Sample Intineraries
We do not operate any pre-packaged tours and we never mix people who do not know each other. It is helpful so see what some of our clients have done in the past or what we are currently doing. If this is of interest to you and your group, please complete the tour personalisation form.