Robertson Wine Tours - South America’s premier wine and gastronomic touring company. 14 years of experience and excellence. We are the only touring company working in all the major wine producing regions of South America. We know and love wine and great food and our companies service is all about delivering them in beautifully crafted immersions for our clients.

In our mind your time is the most precious commodity, our aim is to understand precisely how you want to use it. The reason for choosing us is very simple; we know what is expected from exacting European and American standards of service and quality. We offer unparalleled access to winemakers and chefs, both highly established and the new mavericks.

Robertson Wine Tours generally build itineraries specially for our clients needs. We do like to offer each year a fixed departure date in various regions for our clients to travel in small select groups. Click here to find out more about our completely innovative Chilean tour with fixed deaprture dates in March and October 2017.