THE EXPERIENCE : Robertson Wine Tours operate in all of the South American wine producing countries except Brazil -: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. This means we can give you a unique overview of this incredible region.
The Robertson Wine Tours experience is about the details, correctly judging the pace of your tour, to sum it up: Perfection.

What is our competitive advantage? We have the trust and confidence of serious wine makers. Why? Because our clients are wine loving to outright wine professionals so who is not going to be thrilled to be welcoming such great people. All our partners take our business and clients very seriously because we definitely do. Add to this that we have been taking wine for over 30 years you have a great formula.

With the love of wine invariably comes a passion for food. Many of our clients combine their wine tour with opportunities to learn and enjoy the cuisine of our regions. Visiting the local colourful markets, culinary lessons with world-class chefs or just great personalities who understand the pre-columbian traditions and indigenous foods. South American Cuisine has really come of age, no more so than in Peru and Argentina

The most important advice we can give any of our clients is if time allows to try to see two countries on your wine tour. 5 nights per country is a good average. We think understanding the disparity of the wines and cultures and peoples of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in that order is hugely interesting. We really do love what we do and everyone we work with is on the same page.

Robertson Wine Tours primarily focus are the wine regions, however often our clients combine their wine touring with some of the incredible attractions South America offers. Here are a few of the most popular:
ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires, Falls, Glaciers, Salta and so much more, Try not to fit too much in as you will be back, its hard not to fall in love.

BRAZIL: Iguassu Falls, Rio de Janeiro. Wine wise there is little reason to visit.
URUGUAY: Punta del Este, Montevideo, Unknown and unassuming almost a secret. Come quick!
PERU: Machu Picchu and Lima. A once in a life time place. You will need 4 days just to do Cusco and Machu Picchu justice. Food is out of the world in Lima. See this culinary experience

CHILE: We think of ourselves as experts in the Chilean wine regions after 14 years working here we have searched from tip to toe to bring our clients the very best from Atacama to Easter Island, Chile really is a unique country. Our expert guides are knocking it out of the park in Chile.
So why choose us? and how do we develop a tour for you ?