THE EXPERIENCE: We operate in what we consider to be the most dynamic and interesting wine regions of Italy and that is the problem: every wine region in Italy has something unique to say. Thankfully and remarkably enotourism in Italy has not been massively exploited (yet) merchandising shops and corporate videos are just not part of the RWT experience. We will take you to meet the people that count : Owners, wine makers and cellar masters. We match very carefully clients and wineries, thats our job.

We sometimes allow ourselves to think that the world is a totally trodden path and there are no new experiences to be had. Italy still has so many places where tourists have yet to venture in any meaningful numbers, Friuli being a perfect example. Living in Matera has made us realize that sometimes only guests and foreign residents really appreciate and can value what Italy has going for itself. This is something we hear a lot from our Italian friends who work in the tourism sector.

Our personal contacts in the wine trade mean that we have the confidence of serious wine makers. With the love of wine invariably comes the passion for food. Our clients tend to combine a wine tour of Italy with opportunities to learn and enjoy the cuisine of the regions they are exploring. Visiting the local markets, culinary lessons with a local mamma or more structured full immersion cooking schools we love them all. lets face it Italians take the art of eating to a whole new level.

The Robertson Wine Tours experience is about getting every detail right, all of the time. In 2016/17 we have some superb Italian wine regions to share with you. We have chosen to work with who we like, where we love and our wineries, hotels and restaurants and guides are only as good as their last performance.
Fortunately we thrive on making deep and lasting real ti on ships with our guides, wineries, wine makers and restaurateurs.

Highlights of where we work. North of Italy
Piedmont: Turin, Barolo, Barbaresco, Monferrato, Roero, Gattinara, Boca. Nebbiolo is the King of Italian reds.
Veneto: Soave, Valpolicella, The (real) Prosecco and Venice.
Fruili: Trieste, Gorizia, Collie, Collie Orientale & Carso. Please note we huge fans of Orange wines especially from Oslavia.
Slovenia: With open borders with Friuli enjoy this perfect opportunity to experience a whole new culture and wine and cuisine.

Central Italy
Tuscany: Sangiovese every way, Stunning scenery of Chianti, Siena , Florence, Bolgheri and whole lot more.
Emilia Romagna: Italy's food powerhouse. Parma hams, Balsamic vinegars from Modena, Parmesan. This region can be combined with many other parts of Italy.
Marche: Still beautifully unknown with stunning hilltop borgos.
Sardegna:This really is the most fascinating and beautiful of Islands in the Mediterranean.

Southern Italy
Campania: Amalfi Coast, Naples, Capri, Ischia. Wines, incredible for reds & whites.
Basilicata: 'Matera' voted the cultural capital of Europe for 2019 our base and the home of Aglianico.
Puglia: Primitivo & Negroamaro as well as beaches and seafood to die for. The Towns of lecce, Otranto and the Val D'Itria all excite/ Puglia has 20 million olive trees
Sicily: The most exciting island for wine and food in the World. Now lets look in more depth at what we do.